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Greek real estate uniqueness

Compared to other southern European countries, Greece offers the best value for money. The location and size of properties are often much more favourable. Since mass construction is not allowed in Greece, the landscape and atmosphere have not lost their authenticity and have not succumbed to commercialization.

The 2011 regulations have also facilitated property purchases. Since then, every property must be legalised, so nothing illegal can be (re)built. During the buying process, a thorough legal check of the property is a matter of course, as the legal foundations of a house are at least as important as the construction ones.


Buying a property is usually a rational decision. However, you may experience a strong impact of emotions, especially if you are considering buying a property by the sea. Then the rule that once seen is worth a thousand times heard clearly applies.

140 000 €
225 000 €
105 000 – 150 000 €
1 290 000 €
215 000 €
249 500 €
380 000 – 490 000 €
from 190 000 €

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About me

Rhea property - Viera Ložeková

Greece is my second home not only because of family ties. I love this country for its distinct advantages: the sea, the weather, the food, the warm-hearted people…

My name is Viera Ložeková
and I have been in the tourism industry for over 30 years.

I have got to know Greece in great detail, especially its amazing islands.
I am honoured to be able to accompany my clients in the realization of their dream home by the sea.
Whether for their own living or for investment with rental security.